“We don’t always use brick, but when we do, we call Bowerston Shale. Not only do they have the economies of scale, but also the capability to produce custom runs for special projects, all paired with top notch customer service. Bowerston won’t hesitate to come out to the job site to help with brick selection, matching, or job site concerns. They truly understand the value of putting the client first – and as an architect, it only makes our job that much easier.”

Brian DiPietro, Principal,
ROCKiT Architects

“From my standpoint, the group of people at Bowerston Shale are top notch. They’re not only good business partners, but we’ve also developed a good friendship. That’s unique in today’s business environment because you don’t usually have time to develop a relationship with people you’re working with. The people at Bowerston Shale make it very easy to do that.”

Tom Snearey
Karlsberger Companies
Columbus, Ohio